Christmas Conversations

Christmas conversations overheard between my very contemplative six-year-old daughter and other family members.

Over a “Real” tree:

Lily – “You know this tree is fake, grandma.”

Grandma – “I know.”

Lily – “It’s not a real tree.”

Grandma – “I know.”

Lily – “Look…you can feel the branches and tell.”

Grandma – “I know, Lily.”  Wandering where this is going.

Lily – “So then does that make it not really Christmas?”

Grandma – “Well, honey, Grandma is allergic to real trees.  They make pretend trees for people who can’t have real trees.”

Lily – “Oh.”  Muling this over in her head.  “Well…it’s still a fake tree you know.”

Over the “true” meaning of Christmas:

I’m standing in the kitchen washing dishes when the end part of this argument catches my ear.

Lily – “No it’s not, Luc!”

Luc – whining, “Yes it is!”

Lily – “No, grownups don’t get presents.”

Luc – “Yes they do!” Very drawn out for emphasis…argument is escalating.

Lily – very matter-of-fact, “No, grownups realize the true meaning of Christmas.  They know it’s really about the birth of Christ so that means they don’t get presents.”

Luc – “No, Christmas IS about presents.”

Over number of gifts:

Older cousin – “No, Santa will bring me whatever I want.”

Lily –  “No, didn’t you  hear?  Santa is only bringing three presents to everyone this year.”

Cousin – “I have NO idea what you’re talking about.”

Lily – “He changed.  He is only doing three presents this year.  Like baby Jesus got three.”

Cousin – “Huh?”

Lily – “When you wake up on Christmas morning there will only be three presents under your tree.”

Cousin – “I don’t think so.”

Luckily, adults intercede to put kids jackets on.  Lily is saved from the crashing disappointment of the Santa bubble being burst.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Conversations

  1. Amy, I love this portion of your website. It reminds me when Adam and Snoopy were young and I would overhear some of their conversations. I have to do some snowblowing now. I’ll be over to do your drive and sidewalk later today. God bless you, daughter. Pop!

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