Our Gingerbread Cathedral

Last night we finished the yearly tradition of building a gingerbread house.  Adam created this tradition quite a few years ago when he was working at Cracker Barrel and made an amazing replica of their store for a Christmas work party.

He has been perfecting his technique and recipe since.  This year Adam drew up plans for a grand castle.  After glue-icing it together, it looked more like a church – a cathedral of sorts.  And since this has been a central theme to my week that is what it shall remain! This year we let the kiddos in on the action.  Granted, this created a lot of chocolate stealing, fighting, and a very imperfect church, but what better Advent activity for our family to partake of.  Our church (the whole church – all denominations) is one big family of imperfect, fighting, messy people.  This is how HE chooses to work through us.  And I am thankful HE chooses to be patient beyond measure with HIS family as HE gently leads the way home.  Our cathedrals may seem messy, a bit broken, not quite Martha Stewart matching, but we are building for HIM.  Someday we will get to see the glorious finished work and oh what a day that will be!  So…without further ado…here is our messy family-built cathedral!

Have a merry evening tonight with friends and family!

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