Twas the night before Christmas…

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring all the creatures were stirring just like a mouse!  Last night was a bit of a disappointment for the kids.  With extra snow piling up in our current blizzard (over the 12″ we already received a few weeks ago),  our plans for Christmas Eve were canceled.  No Grandpa Dave’s…no cousins…no extra presents…just sitting at home with mom (even dad had to work) and watching boring Christmas specials on T.V.  What is a child to do?

Luckily, grandma and pop decided to surprise the kids with their Christmas pajamas and stockings a day early.  They live only a block away and were willing to get stuck driving down the street knowing it was only a short walk if they needed to bail the car.  The kids were so excited…for pajamas…plain old clothes…gifts that would otherwise have been tossed aside amidst the excitement of toys.  And so our evening took on a much needed different hue…back to a silent night.  Now sitting with mom watching Christmas specials didn’t seem so bad.  Now mom wasn’t stressing about wrapping and getting cranky-up-too-late-full-of-too-much-sugar kids to bed at a decent hour.  And when daddy got to come home a bit early, we were able to sit by the fire and read the much anticipated Clement’s Twas the Night Before Christmas…a Payson tradition.

The evening ended peacefully…a silent night if you will, much needed by mom after the day’s activities!  Now…the being all tucked warm in their beds is another story.  And, after much coffee today, one that mom is still too groggy to tell!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Have a blessed day!

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