These are a few of our favorite things…

I am humming this song as I merrily snap pictures of our family’s favorite gifts.

Check out the goodies below!

Gabe ~ the elves custom made these woolly bear caterpillars!

Lily ~ Fancy Nancy Doll...or Annie as Lil likes to call her!

Luc ~ a most-loved Brachiosaurus

Delilah ~ her best friends...Lumpy and Roo!

Ivy ~ it sings and she squeals!

Dad ~ what boy can resist a sword and comics?

Mom ~ my new winter reading material!

Our Christmas day was peaceful and relaxing.  We cooked a duck for the first time and served it with a fabulous wild rice walnut pilaf and a sweet potato cream cheese casserole.  The duck turned out well…a very french feast inspired by watching Julie and Julia (wonderful movie…even better book!).  Don’t know if we will do it again next year though.  The kids didn’t eat anything – too much of  a “grown-up” meal for them.  Adam and I want to nail down some traditions and one of those is the Christmas dinner.  We already do turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for Easter.  Maybe Christmas should be completely kid-friendly?  Adam is a chef for an Italian restaurant…maybe Italian? Who doesn’t love that!  Am getting ideas already!

Christmas Breakfast: Blue's Banana Muffins topped with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles!

~Christmas Dinner~

Leave me a comment below as to what were some of your favorite gifts this year!  Or email me with the Christmas happenings at your house.  Merry Christmas and may everyone have an upcoming Happy New Year!

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