The Learning Room

Week of January9-15

A pretty low-key week around here with Luc’s birthday disrupting a normal school day.  But the best thing about homeschooling is you get to take birthdays off…right?!?!  Pictures of the week: Luc’s amazing dinosaur birthday cake.


  • Read Tricking the Talleyman: The Great Census Shenanigans of 1790 by Jacqueline Davies (Great book – highly recommend!  Gabe read this independently on his own several times and when we read it together Lily said she wasn’t interested but continually was drawn to the story and finally ended up listening to the whole thing! Also interesting because we currently have a census coming up, which we discussed. Our discussion also included how people were counted, or partially/not at all counted in relation to slaves and Native Americans.)
  • Read the first part of Foresight: The Story of Thomas Jefferson (the kids are liking but not as much as the Benjamin Franklin story from this same series)
  • Read chapters 4-5 of Betsy Ross (generated a discussion of review over Benjamin Franklin – as characters in book visited his printing shop – and the kids actually remembered quite a bit about him. I think this may be their favorite Revolutionary figure studied so far. This also led naturally into the kids reminiscing over the Ben Franklin movie they watched and wanting to dance to music about him, which Lily informed me is how she remembers history best.)
  • Music – my compilation American History CD (especially popular: Washington’s Hat, Fifty Nifty United States, Ben Franklin, Grand Old Flag, Yankee Doodle)
  • Gabe independently started reading George Washington’s Socks by Eluira Woodruff (a serendipitous find at the Goodwill – hadn’t even had time to strew it before it got plucked up and carted off to a comfy chair!)


  • Gabe – skip counting by 6, mulitplying by 6, review of perimeters, introduction to fractions
  • Gabe also worked with Daddy on compiling numbers for Reader paper drop offs
  • Lily – addition practice, number recognition to 25

Language Arts

  • Gabe – Latin (new words: et, silva; review), Grammar (contractions), Spelling (list words and practice for the spelling bee), Cursive (O, P, Q), Independent Reading
  • Lily – Phonics, reading practice, Handwriting (capital and lowercase B), Creative Writing


  • The Digestive System discussion and experiments
  • a discussion of the seasons in relation to the equator and North and South and why the equator is hotter which took us into geology and the core of the earth (all spurred by a mistaken comment about Russia having summer right now because it is on the other side of the world)
  • a discussion on what fog is made of and what causes frost and that billowy steam from your breath in the cold, thanks to the wonderful handiwork of God on Saturday!
  • much reading and discussing of dinosaurs and plant eaters versus meat eaters, identification and physical attributes, and the difference between dinosaur name classification versus dinosaur family classification

And to end the week – Happy Birthday little guy!

2 thoughts on “The Learning Room

    • Thank you! We try and take our kids favorite themes and use their own toys to decorate with a from-scratch cake. It was first born out of economical necessity but has turned into our kids favorite way to have a birthday cake done and we start hearing requests very early!

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