of Pancake Art and other such things

holy experience

As I awoke this morning, finally having slept due to a new feeding schedule for the baby, sleeping in till nine-ish wrapped in my husband’s arms, knowing it would be a light school day, I felt blessed. Some days feel so overwhelming that I can barely stay afloat of all the needs and wants of the day. But I love when the Lord refreshes with these days of Pancake Art and other such things! May you each have a blessed week. Don’t forget to look for the special touches that refresh you in the little ways…they might not turn out to be so little after all!

6. Flannel sheets softly warming cold and tired feet.

7. Time for making pancakes for breakfast.

8. A new blanket of snow covering the dirty slush of a polluted world, reminding me of Jesus blanket of snow covering my own dirt and being SO thankful for the cross!

9. The dark, velvety richness of my favorite Cafe Verona coffee beans French Pressed to perfection.

10. Homemade whipping cream that can top my coffee making it taste even more delectable as I recall mornings of dating and the Garden Cafe.

11. A daddy who is willing to love his children extra special by making Pancake Art.

12. The smiling faces of children filling their bellies with their Favorite and Best mouses and bears!

13. Time to work on Spelling Bees, tangram puzzles, and other lovely child-led interests.

14. A baby who is napping on schedule and asleep through the night (again!) due to upgrading to granola pears and plum apples.

15. The clapping hands of “I did it Mommy!!!” as a little girl successfully uses the potty for the first time…twice!!!

2 thoughts on “of Pancake Art and other such things

  1. Oh my goodness! Using the potty is huge! How wonderful!

    There really is nothing better than waking up surrounded by your husband’s arms… and how beautiful that he makes pancake art for your kids! It really is the little things, isn’t it?

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