And the winner is…

We are back and the kiddos did great! Lily got a participation ribbon and went further rounds then she or we thought she would. We were really proud of her for being brave enough to get up in front of such a large crowd. I don’t know if I would’ve had the guts at that age! And the first graders were a tough group this year! The final two winners went through all their list and up into the 5th grade spelling list!

Gabe did well too, coming in second place again for his third grade group. His face was so happy when he realized he was in the top two and would place with a medal! He wanted the gold but there is always next year!

Down to three...

We celebrated and went out to lunch, Lily’s choice, to Arby’s…a special treat for us! It is the end of the night and as everyone is wearing down, the excitement is settling into a weariness that will have us all sleeping soundly until the morn. And I believe we will be taking a bit of a spelling break now.

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