Thankful this week for…

holy experience

As I sat down to write today, I was disheartened. I couldn’t think of a list of things I really wanted to shout out thanks for. And I had no beautiful pictures to show in color what my heart expressed. But as I started the numbering (we’re at blessing 16 today), a beautiful thing happened…the thanks came pouring out. Not big thank you’s but little thank you’s. Still, they are the thank you’s that REALLY count – the kind where life just couldn’t continue if they weren’t there. Today I get to shout even these little thank you’s as a praise to my biggest God who hears every one, even the smallest. So today I will let the words speak where pictures can’t.

16. Knee socks that keep my legs cozy on one more day that it’s snowing…AGAIN!!!

17. The money that was exactly enough to buy new eye glasses, a book of stamps, some milk and eggs.

18. The grace to make it home in time.

19. A dear husband who had lunch made when I came home.

20. A baby who didn’t cry to be nursed while I was, unavoidably, away.

21. A daughter who thinks the deep thoughts as the Spirit fosters her heart.

22. Dinosaur roars echoing up from the basement.

23. Siblings who watch out to protect one another. (Thank you, Lilah, for informing me that Ivy will not be getting a shot.)

24. Kids who love to read.

25. A bathroom with a lock.

26. Goldfish crackers that fill and delight little tummies…even if that means they’re all over my floor in a million crumbled pieces!

27. An encouraging word from a precious lady who is graced with just the right thing to say as a blessing to me this day.

28. Budget cuts that, instead of depressing, give peace-giving life to my home!

29. Friends to have real conversations with and ask the hard questions.

30. Safe havens that feed the soul and offer community – the very place where we get to serve and give out grace.

31. Ideas that loom large, take shape and are given form only through the Creator who’s very ideas are pressed into our image.

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