The Gift From a Child

holy experience

As I was doling out the last of hugs and kisses while trying to sneak out a basket of laundry, my six year old dear daughter squeezed her arms around me as she said, “Mom…You know how I wanted to try a real school?” Mmmhhhmmm I mumbled, my head fuzzy from taking care of sick kids all day long. “Well, I decided I don’t really want to anymore because then I wouldn’t get to see you all day and I’m glad I get to be with you everyday!”

I stopped, my heart thumping as she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a kiss. THESE are the moments I live for…not empty flattery or the puffing up of my own self, but the genuine child-like love that just filled every empty space inside my heart, flooding my very being with love and my eyes with tears. A child who spoke her truth on a day when I needed it to assuage my tired and weary bones. A day where my hands were dry and cracked from constant washing after wiping little noses. A day where my arms ached because to set the littlest down for even a moment meant wails of hoarse, cracked-throat cries of one who doesn’t understand why she feels as she does and only longs for mom’s arms. A day that housework backed up into piles the size of Mount Everest. A day that my whole body longed for sleep after spending the night before awake every hour doling out meds, nursing, rocking, feeling feverish heads, praying.

Those words were a balm unto my soul. And for this I thank Him and praise Him and call Him HOLY of HOLIES!

42) The words from a dear sweet girl’s soul – the only words He knew I needed to sustain me and pull me through.

43) Honey and Lemon Juice to make home-made cough syrup to ease the littles throats.

44) My husband who was blessed with an unusual day off and could interact with the other children when I could not.

45) The freedom in Christ to not be in bondage to food and be able to enjoy eating Doritos and Chili and Cheese Brats for dinner with nary a vegetable or fruit in sight.

46) The cherry cobbler my husband lovingly made at midnight to enjoy this afternoon.

47) Grocery shopping done early and no need to leave the house.

48) The first ballet my husband will attend with his little girl.

49) Catching a potty success in time.

50) Watching my boy read poetry of his own accord and delighting in it.

51) The squeals of a sprite child yelling in her Dora-loud voice, “Do it again, Daddy…do it again!!!”

52) Planning a garden vision with a loved one and remembering that winter is not the end…soon we will be contending with weeds and wishing for winter again!

53) Imagining the smell and taste of fresh basil.

54) Hearing my husband talk animatedly of the Sunday Sermon.

55) The songs of a two year old as only she can sing them.

56) Dinosaur flashcards and garage-sale make believe.

57) A baby asleep at last so I can compose my thoughts.

58) Peace of trusting and knowing the Lord will provide even if it seems tight.

59) Looking forward to an extended library membership and the doors of reading being opened beyond what I could ever afford for my children.

60) A daughter who creates and writes, authors and pens, illustrates and dreams in DAZZLING ways.

61) Flowers and beads and streams of ribbon that “decorate” my floor.

62) The first ballet my husband will attend with his little girl.

63) Practicing macro-photography.

64) Reading homeschool curriculum catalogs.

65) Planning…planning…planning and then sharing the vision.

66) The call that my eyeglasses are in and I can finally retire the bent, broken, and shattered ones that dangle from my nose now.

2 thoughts on “The Gift From a Child

  1. I enjoyed your list. It reminded me of so much more that I have to be grateful for, but alluded my mind this morning as I sat down…

    The story of your 6 year old girl just melts my heart. I always treasure moments like those with my little ones.

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