Breaking Things Down

holy experience

Now some may say that today was a horrible-no-good-very-bad-day when they awoke to find their dryer, of under a year old, had broken and there sits a load of completely wet cloth diapers for the day with a full load of soaked clothes that have no prospects of drying themselves and, at least, two more load of clothes to wash yet with another load of diapers that will need to be done that night.

But I say, “Pish! Surely the Lord can handle this too!” Well, I wish I had said that. But I was calm as Adam called the bank and found out that indeed our tax refund had been deposited. Thank You, Lord I whispered, smiling as I wiped up the breakfast crumbs and sticky syrup off the table.

The Lord rearranged our day and we set aside school to purchase a new dryer and let kids stress test bunk beds. And when we left…the beds were thoroughly stressed and our new dryer is being delivered tomorrow! Surely this marking the thanks is impressing on my heart remembrance and bringing peace during trials thrown my way! Of that alone, I am grateful!

67) A banister long enough to trail diapers out to dry in the mid of winter.

68) Full tummies to nourish us while we shop.

69) Cash to pay in full, freeing us from the bondage of debt.

70) Sturdy pine planks that will last for years.

71) Five-year warranties to last us a while.

72) Heat sensitive technology that will use just enough energy to meet our needs.

73) Storage disguised as steps, safely leading little ones up.

74) A mother-in-law’s dryer to the rescue.

75) A rambuctious two-year old girl who wanted to stay with grandma instead of shop.

76) Dino carts that temporarily distract bored little boys.

77) French Fries that salve the glossy-eyed looks of being dragged through appliances.

78) Homemade hot cocoa mix to come home to.

79) Sweet girl asking to read the creation story.

80) Finishing dinosaur-tearing carnage from the Jurassic period series.

81) A grandfather seeing a need and filling a Yatzee chair.

82) A brother-in-law who chose this night to cook for everyone.

83) An email from a dear sister.

84) Anticipation of a Valentine’s Party.

85) A $25 Gift Certificate that just “happened” to show up this week to just the store we needed!

86) A dear church friend bequeathing food to fill our freezer.

87) Hearing about my mother gifting our food forward to someone else in need.

One thought on “Breaking Things Down

  1. Isn’t it amazing how God grants us perspective. I loved seeing your list and how many things you still have to be thankful for instead of just focusing on the bad that happened yesterday…

    Our washing machine bit the dust this last summer in the middle of a rinse cycle for the diapers. I got to take them out in a bucket to ring them out before hanging them to dry… But we didn’t have the problem of having to let them dry indoors. the 110 degree weather took care of them quickly enough.

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