Socializing and Friends

While I constantly hear from family and friends about their well-meaning concerns over the socialization of my kids in what their imaginations must picture – my kids sulking in a quiet house with no outlet for their true passions – I just have to laugh on weeks like this.  After two weeks of being sick, we were finally able to get out of the house this week. We did do some schooling…mainly out of books that are overdue back to the library and a bit of math, but mostly spent the week socializing.

  • Monday ~ Took kids out for a day of shopping where they got to jump on bunk beds and talk the sales lady’s ear off about spelling bees, dinosaurs, and how to spell supercalafragilisticexpealadocious; type on notepads and ask a million questions about computers in the Electronics department; and eat at a restaurant while getting to practice table manners.
  • Tuesday ~ Partook in a Homeschool Coop Valentine’s Day Party full of Chicken Parmesan in red sauce with pasta for dinner, chocolate brownies for desert, exchanging Valentine’s cards, and party favors with home-made white chocolate heart lollipops for the kids. All in all – a big, gooey, chaotic happy mess!
  • Wednesday ~ Spent morning at 2nd Cup (bible class for me; socializing, phys ed and playtime for kids with friends). We came home and cleaned up the house so that we could entertain friends who are moving for dinner. Adam got to cook and Lily, Luc, and Delilah ran around with their friends and played dress-up and dinosaurs all night while Gabe got to go to Pop’s church where he visited more of his friends.
  • Thursday ~ Aunt Becky and Uncle Chuck came over for homemade pizza and got to visit with the kids.
  • Saturday (tomorrow) ~ Will be going to the library and returning a mountain of overdue books (due to being sick last week). The kids will get to play with others in the children’s section with puzzles and the puppet theater.
  • Sunday ~ We will go to church and attend Sunday School where the kids will get to participate in worship then spend class time with peers learning and crafting together.

I must say that next week  I  look forward to slowing down and being a bit of a homebody. I am tired from all the running around and socialing!

2 thoughts on “Socializing and Friends

  1. This post made me laugh. I was homeschool growing up and when we moved (I was sixteen and my sisters were 14 and 12) a new neighbor commented on how it seemed that we were always going places… She never questioned the whole socialization issue. And we found it strange that she had enough time to keep track of our comings and goings… 🙂

    • So, do you find that having been homeschooled has helped you to feel more confident in homeschooling your boys? I know I draw on many of my public school experiences so I know what NOT direction to steer the kids but I am always experimenting and praying when finding what TO do with them!

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