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Just wanted to let you know about a wonderful site that I visit weekly called Homeschool Freebie of the Day! When you subscribe they send you one email each Monday with that week’s lineup of free things you can download to your computer. It is an eclectic, wonderful mix of things ranging from old children’s picture books now out of print and unavailable, to nature studies, to history audio stories, to phonics primers, and everything in between! Some weeks I end up downloading almost all available and other weeks am not really interested in what they’re offering. But it is nice to be contacted by people who are taking the time to get homeschooling resources into mother’s hands for free. I would encourage you all to visit and partake. You have one week to get what they have available and then it is gone.

Click here to visit the site: Homeschool Freebie of the Day and have some fun today!

Today’s prime choices:

Wholesome Comic Books for Children

The Adventures of PETER WHEAT! (Two PDF comic books) – Okay, get ready for something completely different! Today we want to introduce you to PETER WHEAT and the folk of the wheat field, beautifully drawn by the great Walt Kelly (creator of “Pogo”). These little known comics were originally published in 1950 as giveaways for local “Peter Wheat” bakeries. Though long “lost” and out of print, these contain some wonderfully exciting and fun adventures, and Kelly’s marvelous artwork make them especially attractive to young readers.

We’ve got two rollicking good stories for you today: In “Bitsy and the Beanstalk”, Peter’s little friend Bitsy has been hoodwinked by a sly fox… but brings home some magic beans that lead him straight to giant land. In “The River Adventure”, Peter and Sammy Sweet must ford the river to deliver flour to the bakers, but a hungry otter tries to make them his lunch!

Give these a chance and see what your kids think of these – we think they are going to become instant Peter Wheat fans! They are great for read alouds and for reading practice too.

A Living Book on Grammar. Did you think it had to be all text book? Think again! Charlotte Mason would be proud!

Grammar Land: Or Grammar In Fun for the Children of Schoolroom-Shire, by M. L. Nesbitt (PDF ebook) – Back by popular demand — A classic story book that makes learning grammar a delight! “What is Grammar Land? Where is Grammar Land? Have you ever been to Grammar Land? Wait a minute and you shall hear…” In this classic read aloud book, published way back in 1878, author Nesbitt creates an amazing fantasy land not unlike “Alice In Wonderland”, where the citizens are the nine parts of speech (Mr. Proper Noun, Dr. Verb, Little Article, etc.) and all are governed by the stern but wise old Judge Grammar. It’s a fun, fascinating way to learn some of the basic grammar rules all the while carried along by the very memorable characters and a wild adventure to boot. Highly recommended!

Here’s what one of our readers recently posted about this book:

I had downloaded this book and completely forgot about it until 2 days ago. I started reading it aloud to my boys and they were completely into it. My boys are very wiggly and they usually have to have something in their hands to occupy their physical while their mental is focused on what I am reading. They were completely still…following along on the computer screen. It was one of those awesome moments that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Thank you for finding and sharing something that is so fun and educational at the same time. What a fun way to learn parts of speech. I’ve a feeling this story will stick with them for a while. The resources you list through the week are wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Homeschool Freebies

    • You are very welcome! It just occurred to me as I was downloading my stuff that I now have a voice with the blog that I didn’t have before and that there are things I do and use in my homeschool that would be beneficial for others too. It was one of those “Aha!” moments…a spontaneous post!

  1. Hello just came across your blog and have been reading some of your entries and just wondering why you selected a WordPress blog dont you find it impossible to do anything with? Been thinking about starting one.

    • Good question…most of the blogs I follow are typepad, but that costs money. I know blogspot is free but when I started this I knew nothing and wordpress had the easiest youtube tutorials on how to set up and navigate (I’m a huge visual learner!). WordPress had the functions I needed to get started and practice. I may, down the road, switch to blogger, but for now wordpress takes care of my needs which are: ease of use, easy picture loading, clean white space, sidebar that book images can be seen

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