Hope and Awakenings

My gratitudes and thankfulness lifted up in praise as the winter dies out and spring brings to us redemption.

125) Poppies caught in the sunlight.

126) Flowers reinvisioned to bring new life to a new room.

127) Secret love letters from a dear husband who despises “Love Dare” yet walks it out in our marriage.

128) Rotisserie chicken thrown in a crockpot and forgot about coming out fork tender and juicy just in time for lunch.

129) Homemade chicken stock simmering on the stove.

130) The promise of packages and new books to tear open and into.

131) Rooms that are still not rearranged because we were too busy playing.

132) Babies in the soft glow of night.

133) Looking up to see faces peering over bed tops to say nighttime prayers.

134) Cuddles and stories at bedtime.

135) Reading independently until eyes droop closed, book falls down as night slips in.

136) Poems memorized that bring laughter and remain etched for a lifetime.

137) Melting snow.

138) The sun still out at 5:55 P.M.

139) Digging for spring.

140) Finding it.

141) The first sign of growth…even if it is the weeds!

142) My lavender plant with a touch of green…it didn’t die after all!

143) Finally getting to play in the snow.

146) New boots for the spring.

147) Lost Styracosaurus discovered under heaping mound of melting snow.

148) The first use of sidewalk chalk.

149) The first scraped knee.

150) Scooters and bikes.

151) Ordering from garden catalogs.

152) Cuddling to “Hop on Pop” with my budding four-year-old reader.

153) A laundry room floor of mud, water, and dirty mittens and pants and socks and hats because it means the beginning of spring.

154) Hot cocoa and marsmallows to make everthing right in the world.

155) A sweet girl who graced us with a nap so we could play.

156) The new Magic School Bus Dinosaur book.

157) Chocolate and Peanut Butter sandwiches for dinner.

158) Exodus 16 paired with Deuteronomy 8.

159) The fact that this long list of thank you’s and gratitudes from the heart happened in one day!

holy experience

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