A Drumroll Please…

holy experience

Just a quick note this morning as I count my blessings. Mainly becaue I was up so late last night accomplishing some of those blessings! (And I have a 10 month old who is trying to type at the same time I am!)

179) FINALLY GOT MY SCHEDULE DONE!!!!! (…that is until I need to revise it!)

180) Got much done in the way of orginizing the Project Room for the kids. Now, if it will just stay looking as beautiful as it does right now!

181) The day of blessing Thursday when Ivy’s fever broke and she played contentedly on the floor without clinging to my leg!

182) The double blessing of that day of sweet conversation with a dear friend!

183) The peace of letting things go.

184) New birds and the hope of spring.

185) A plan of action for history.

186) Getting all the John James Audubon library books in.

187) A new flower garland to decorate the valance for spring that came unexpectedly and free yesterday!

188) Only one patch of snow left in the yard.

189) Carved out time to sketch and read with my kids.

190) Giving my first born over to God.

191) Seeing the blessings of firsts and obedience.

6 thoughts on “A Drumroll Please…

  1. I’m thankful, too, for completed schedules and organized rooms (though they rarely stay that way long. :))
    And the peace that comes with letting things go…I’m still struggling with that one, but He’s refining me more and more each day. Yours is a lovely list of great gifts!

    • Thank you for your kind comment! It’s nice to know others have been encouraged even though I really only had but a brief moment to write!

      In Him,

  2. Have never visited before, what a list, I know what you mean about the schedule set, until you change it…
    We did a series on John James Audubon too.
    Our favorite book we chose to own, the Boy who drew birds, but I love the library, and keep all my receipts to check off and efficiently keep up with the quantities.
    We live in audubon country, Louisiana, and we’ll be going to the Audubon Pilgrimage in St. Francisville, LA this weekend at Oakley House. He stayed there for a summer, and drew many birds there, for the book Birds of America.
    Your list is precious, and I have been encouraged, thanks for participating in 1000 gifts- blessings, Laura

    • Thank you for your kind comment. I am SO excited to do the Audubon Study. I have been waiting ALL year for it and am excited to start in spring just when the birds are returning. Your book you listed is my favorite by far and I will be owing it one day too but made myself a promise this year that I would only buy what isn’t in the library this HS year.

      Visited your blog. What exactly is the Blogging Bee? Looks interesting. I am fairly new at this blogging thing – been reading for years, participating only since January. Thanks for your feedback.

      In Him,

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