Our New Joy

holy experience

The gift of life is brimming full here this spring. We recently found out that we are to be blessed with baby number 6! Am I ready? everyone keeps asking. Well, are you ever? But we know this is a blessing from God. His timing is perfect even if I would’ve chosen differently. His grace is sufficient even when I may feel overwhelmed. And I know that He promises that there will never be anything beyond what I can bear. He knows my strengths. He gave me children who need exactly what I have to give. He knows my weaknesses. He knows that with each blessing of a child comes visibility of my heart issues and I come running to Him with my vulnerabilities, which is exactly how He designed it. I see the family unit and see example after example of His relationship to us – how He sees us, how He wants to love us, how He only wants what’s best for us, how selfish we are in return, how we completely take for granted ALL He has provided. I see His perfection in our family’s weakness. So I am here today to, again, count my blessings before I am permanently on the couch in full fledged nausea handing out peanut butter spoons for dinner because it is a protein and fat and carbohydrate.

221) New life brimming full.

222) Nausea that means a healthy baby.

223) Morning sickness that doesn’t set in until after lunch allowing me to still school and get a few chores squeezed in.

224) A husband who smiled when I told him.

225) Craving apples.

226) Eating eggs for breakfast and dinner and sometimes a late night snack.

227) Good intentions for prenatal vitamins.

228) Hearing the banter of the kids excitement over boy or girl.

229) Taking communion and wondering whether I can keep it down. (Does it still count if I can’t? *smile*)

230) Realizing my baby is almost one.

231) The beautiful rose that my husband so sweetly bought for me.

232) The husband who can whip up an amazing omellete at 11 PM without complaint.

233) Warm weather for the kids to run in.

234) Making a spring wreath yesterday afternoon.

235) Finally taking down the Christmas wreath.

236) Two garlic shoots that came up unexpectedly from a last minute experiment with store-bought garlic after the last frost date.

237) Hearing my two-year old daughter pray.

238) Hearing the effect her prayers have on the other children.

239) Hearing my six-year old daughter’s prayers maturing unexpectedly.

240) The comfortableness of our house.

241) Brushing with baking soda.

242) A boy drawing his birds.

243) A daughter who wants to imitate her mother.

244) Lennox Easter.

245) A spring garland that’s just perfect that I found free as my husband questioned why we were bringing more junk into the house when we were trying to move it out. But he was wrong.

246) Missing the kids playing “jungle” with this garland and finding missing flowers all over the house!

Happy Spring today everyone!

6 thoughts on “Our New Joy

  1. Loved your list! Congratulations=). I was amazed at your fondness eggs. The thought of them when I was pregnant led to stomach convulsions=). Hope you have a “nausea-less” day today!

    • Thank you, Karen, for your congrats and kind words! I ran into your blog a couple of weeks ago and was touched by the outpouring over your heartache. I am so glad our God is so Big and can meet you right where you need it! Also, your choosing gratitude was great today. Makes me rethink how I think about some things (especially the shoes on the floor!). ~Amy

    • Thank you, Misty, for your kind words! And congrats on your baby boy! So, apple cider kills heartburn, huh? How does that work? I suffer terrible w/every pregnancy. Would love tricks of the trade! Loved the story w/your 3 year old! Blessings, Amy

    • Thank you for your kind words! Loved your Easter blog. This (as with Advent) is something I am just starting to get intentional about. I grew up Christian and knowing Christ but Christmas and Easter were similar to my pagan friends in our house. So I have not much to draw on. I know that intentionality is a big key in helping them create memories, foster understanding, and sink in ideas. Thank you for your ideas to draw from! Blessings, Amy

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