How to know you’re REALLY REALLY pregnant!

When, normally, you can’t stand hard boiled eggs and try to force at least one down every Easter but never manage and the other day…

You ate four in one sitting!

(And then had two more for a snack later!)

7 thoughts on “How to know you’re REALLY REALLY pregnant!

  1. You are a better woman than I, trying to at least eat one every Easter. The only way I will eat a hard boiled egg is in potato salad or egg salad. Congratulatons on your growing baby!

    • Thank you! That is where I usually eat them too. So weird to actually LIKE them right now! Off to go make dinner…hmmm, boiled egg anyone?

  2. Hey Amy,
    Hope I type okay…decided to go buy a brace for my hand because I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. They have been bothering me for a year now and today just seemed almost unbearable at work. Who knew braces for you hand could be so expensive! Guess it’s better than a couple thousand dollar surgery. Any ways I love the egg story except I really love hard boiled eggs. I will be over next easter to eat all yours. lol.

    I really just wanted to say thank you for the books. Have not started them yet but really look forward to reading them. Okay…getting off. This is too hard to type. Thanks again!
    love you lil’ sis,

      • Sorry, its Friday nightand I just checked back…let me see what tom. looks like and I will call you in the morning!

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