Edible Nests

For anyone interested…just discovered this wonderful recipe from Heather over at Cultivated Lives! Please go visit and have fun this spring weekend!

Image by Heather at Cultivated Lives!


One thought on “Edible Nests

  1. I love the edible eggs! I’m hosting a baby shower for a friend soon and I was trying to think of some fun foods and decorations that are blue (since she’s having…correction, just had, a boy…it was an emergency c-section, 3 months early. Her son, Jack, weighed 1lb! But he’s alive and healthy, even though he was diagnosed with down syndrom). The edible eggs are too cute. I will have to make those for table decorations/desserts. Oh, and I love all the pics of the kids too. Oh, and you’re not crazy, I like taking random pics around the house too (even if it is cupboards..lol). Love you all so much! Congrats on finding out it’s a boy! Love you!
    -Kala Howard

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