Being a Farm Girl

I  hate it right now that my camera battery is dead. Oh how I wish I could’ve taken a picture of tonight’s masterpiece:

From-Scratch Chicken Pot Pie!!!

A recipe I found in my MaryJane Farmgirl magazine!

I’ve felt like a true farm girl all day. I’ve baked six loaves of bread – 4 sandwich loaves and 2 artisan loaves. My counter is covered in flour – literally, flour EVERYWHERE! I got to snip fresh thyme and sage outside to use in the pie crust. And I tried my hand at making a pie crust by hand – cutting in cold butter and everything. (You want to talk aerobics! Try cutting in a pound of cold butter into flour then rolling it out after chilled! I’m sure to have burned a calorie or two.)

My house smells delicious. I finally got to use the beautiful bakeware dish given to me by my very special grandmother for Christmas. And after I cut the little slits in top of the dough to vent….oh I wanted to snap a pic so badly. Darn battery!

So, for now I’ll just assure you it is mouthwatering in here and let you stew in envy!

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