The Summer Mantle

My mantle used to be covered with many items…mainly all those pretty items I wanted to look at but wanted up high enough for the kids not to touch. Which, as you may guess, left the mantle looking fairly cluttered no matter how I tried to arrange the beautiful things.

I’ve learned (many times over) in the past couple of years to simplify, simplify, simplify. I’ve gutted my house several times and plan to again at least one more time this year. I’ve learned that what I truly find beautiful isn’t a knick-knack (well, sometimes it is but there are VERY precious few left!), but my hobbies realized in displayed form. For me that is macrophotography of nature and nature itself. So I changed everything around. I gutted my mantle, blew up and framed some of my own pictures (been meaning to for literally years now) and did one of my favorite summer-time activities – picked weeds…I mean wildflowers…from the side of the city road.

Wildflowers (a.k.a. to everyone else who used Roundup in their yard – weeds!!!) have always held a soft spot in my heart. Maybe it is because they are trampled on, forgotten, torn out, purposefully poisoned. As a child, they were the only flowers we were allowed to pick and I marveled at the details and uniqueness and variety of them. I thought they were misunderstood. Why would God make them unless they were wonderful and beautiful to Him too? And I only believe even more strongly about that as an adult as my relationship with the Lord has grown.

Isn’t Jesus about ALL of humanity, especially the poor, downtrodden, weak weeds of our world? As I read and reread Psalm 139, I can’t help but think of how special He views each of us even if we are too blind to see it. And that I find beautiful and want displayed on my mantle. Not only for me to enjoy, but for my kids to grow up and appreciate like I have.

Have a beautiful summer day, everyone!

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