Summer Days

What is a summer day unless you can go outside in a brand new dress, find the one pot of water that we missed when overturning, mix a big batch of mud and cover yourselves from head to toe? Can’t imagine getting more basic then this!

247. Freedom to play as a child outside.

248. Instead of getting angry, grabbing a camera.

249. Hearing how good the mud feels between the toes.

250. Cold rinsing clothes and towels.

251. And talk about your ring around the tub!

252. Cold rinsing again the clothes and towels.

253. Cold rinsing a third time the clothes and towels.

254. Still needing spray wash and being so glad you just bought some more that afternoon.

255. Finally getting to wash the clothes and towels and being SO thankful that you have your good ‘ol top-loading washer back to wash more quickly and efficiently even if it does use up more water!

256. The biggest paper airplane ever!

258. Summer sundresses.

259. Everyone sketching in the shade of an apple tree.

260. Enjoying the basement air conditioning with friends.

261. Ice cream as a summer snack.

262. Being SO Glad (again!!!) that you bought Resolve spray and wash!

holy experience

2 thoughts on “Summer Days

    • Thank you! Seems I have so many photos…not even half make it up here but I am thankful for the ones that I do get the time to get up now and then. Love the music at your blog! Very encouraging…left it up while doing schooling updates!

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