Awarding Versatility

I wanted to take the time this morning to acknowledge a blog award given to me by Heather at Cultivated Lives. It is such an honor to have others recognize value in your work. Thank you, Heather!!!

And, with this award come a few rules.

Rule Number 1: Thank the one’s who gave you the gift.  Thank you, Heather! You have blessed me with your blog as much as I have blessed you! Keep up the fantastic sharing!

Rule Number 2: Share seven random things about yourself.

  • My favorite coffee (and the only I ever buy) is Starbuck’s Cafe Verona…mmm…velvety smoothness!
  • Being seventh months pregnant has got my stomach itching like crazy but I still marvel at the life I can literally feel moving inside me.
  • I enjoy sitting for hours reading kids books (fiction and non-fiction) as part of research.
  • I always have to sleep with socks on, even in the middle of summer!
  • I am the oldest of six girls and tend to be the bossiest.
  • I am dual-natured – a control freak who tends towards chaos and spontaneity, a planner who can never stick to a plan and likes to unschool. You see the paradox? Oh…and I like to organize bookshelves.
  • My walls are a soft yellow buttercream and they make me extremely happy.

Rule Number 3: Pass the award to 15 bloggers. (Wish I could award you again, Heather!)

  1. Ann over at A Holy Experience, whose wise words often convict me as well as bring peace and soothing to my soul.
  2. Angela at Three Plus Two who I feel a huge camaraderie with on balancing daily life of lots of kids with the vocation to homeschool and share a faith.
  3. Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight whose organizational and planning details are always beautiful and inspiring.
  4. Elizabeth at In the Heart of My Home who is always honest and kind and has much wisdom to pass down from being blessed with nine children!
  5. And to her Real Learning the Charlotte Mason way blog: Serendipity, full of amazing ideas and booklists.
  6. I don’t know if this is allowed since Heather already nominated, but I still have to nod off to Lori at Camp Creek Blog whose words have made me really think about how I want to educate my children.
  7. To Jen’s Wildflowers and Marbles who is always offering encouragement at the 4RealLearning Forum and inspiring me with her educational plans.
  8. Linda Fay’s blog on how-to Charlotte Mason style.
  9. My Montessori Journey for great plans to engage the little ones.
  10. Tracey’s blog on slow reading and deep thinking.
  11. Barb’s Harmony Art Mom for incorporating CM style art into your life and…
  12. Barb’s Handbook of Nature Study for practical use in using Anna Comstock’s book, Handbook of Nature Study.
  13. The LAF blog for promoting beautiful values of Christian womanhood.
  14. Mathwire blog for a treasure trove of hands-on ideas.
  15. Heart of the Matter for a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Thank you ladies for sharing your passions, vocations, and knowledge with the rest of us!

Now, to the rest of you out there, grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit down this afternoon for some cozy browsing of other’s work. Let it inspire you anew this weekend.

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