Happy Spookable Day everyone! The kids are super excited to be going to a costume birthday party in the afternoon and trick-or-treating with grams and pops later in the evening. While they were watching spookable PBS specials, I decided to whip up a little Halloween fun this morning. Pumpkin muffins anyone? We had some leftover cream cheese frosting made from Adam’s birthday cake and decided to put it to good use today. The kids loved their special breakfast and determined that today was going to be the best day ever!

Muffins baking in special tins.

Lily's creation.

Delilah's creation.

The NOT frosted muffin!!!

Gabe's creation.

Luc's creation.

Chai tea with a splash of eggnog!

And a little something for the new neighbors!

Happy Birthday Adam!!!

This post today is dedicated to my wonderful husband…the man that has encouraged me, stood by me and worked harder then anyone I know to fulfill God’s vision for our family.

May your friends and family surround you today to love on and celebrate with you!


I love you more then you can ever know!

Country Living

We are finally moved in and doing well…no major problems transitioning! The kids love being in the open country, getting to ride bikes everyday, seeing turkeys crossing their backyard and skunks foraging for food, getting seed burs in the forest while exploring, seeing a herd of deer cross our driveway out the window while eating dinner…a different experience for sure!

The view from our living room window...breathtaking!

Turkeys crossing our yard.

The most amazing part is how God is working here in the tiniest details. It says in the Bible that God uses all things to spread His glory. And this week I really see evidence of that. On Adam’s first day off we were planning on a leisurely breakfast before heading to the old house for a last cleaning day. Instead, we woke up to a clogged, overflowing toilet that our 3 yo flushed again and caused a waterfall to break through our downstairs neighbors living room ceiling. The maintenance guy had to come out early and help us get the water shut off (I wasn’t strong enough and Adam was out looking for a plunger which we forgot to take from the old house) and help the neighbors tear down ceiling tiles and shopvac their living room carpet. It was a MESS! And there was nothing leisurely or relaxed about it.

But God has His ways and I was amazed at how the day turned out. What I was panicking over, He turned into opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have existed. We got to have our neighbors over for a pancake breakfast and a hamburger cookout at dinner. Our maintenance guy just happened to belong to the church we are interested in going to and gave us the correct time and building for services (something we would not have known and ended up showing to the wrong place and getting discouraged). Adam took over going to the house for me and cleaning so I could stay home with the littles and actually start unpacking (a huge help!!!). And he got home early enough (because he was not hung up over my same perfectionist tendencies) to carve pumpkins with the kids and our new neighbors and warm our tummies with homemade hot apple cider while strumming on a guitar on the night of a full moon.

All in all, it turned out to be a very good day indeed! I am so glad I get to look at even the tiniest details of our life and see evidence of His ultimate providence and fatherly love being displayed over and over again!

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