Blessings Amidst the Christmas Blues

Christmas was a laid back, mellow affair this year. We didn’t go out (#281). Others came to us (#282). Adam picked up last minute store items (#283). I mainly nursed a baby. Presents were fewer and naps still got taken (#284-5). This, to me, is a present in itself.

That being said, I woke up the Sunday following Christmas with a serious case of the blues. This season was not how I envisioned it. This year was suppose to be more intentional. And we did do that to a degree. We managed advent every night and did it with dad (#286). We sung carols and actually taught the kids some songs (#287). We incorporated the Jesse Tree tradition and made it a point to teach the real reason of Christmas (#288). We slowed down and tried not to stress gifts (#289).

But Christmas day came and there was a disconnect…a let down. This still didn’t seem like a day of celebration and jubilee. Of course the kids were excited in the traditional way of waking up early and wanting to tear into presents. But I meant for a Jesus peppermint birthday cake to have been made. I meant to watch the Nativity cartoon with the kids. Instead I was wiped out physically. I napped. I nursed. And in between I did chores (since the kids were absolved for the holiday!). We managed to watch the traditional 24/7 TBS Christmas Story special but somehow missed Jesus. Where was he this day? I couldn’t seem to find him and I was too wiped out to try. I felt failure. My heart longs to connect and this season is just so overwhelming to me.

My dear husband has been such a blessing trying to help me organize and set up routines (#290). I humble myself and try to maintain a servant’s heart while listening to what needs to be changed by me in order to bring the lack of discipline up to speed. And I was encouraged by this wonderful small, but mighty, little post over at Small Notebook (a wonderful #291!) that let me know it was okay. A perfect Christmas wasn’t in the cards and it was okay.

So today I will post what pictures I have taken this holiday season (way less then usuall) and allow the Lord to minister to my heart as I look into the faces of my dear children (the best of all #292).

Other blessings this season to be thankful for. Small victories is our theme of the week in the house with a new born, doing school, and ending the year.

#292 ~ the first 4 hour stretch of sleep during the night for my new wee one at only 3 1/2 weeks!

#293 ~ nursing well enough to get that stretch.

#294 ~ wearing a T-shirt and not looking like I’m 6 months pregnant!

#295 ~ a mellow little guy who actually sleeps occasionally to the bouncer vibration and for car rides (baby #6 is the first to do this!) and sometimes even through dinner!

#296 ~ down to one dose of ibuprofen before bed

#297 ~ my boppy

#298 ~ iron pills

#299 ~ the up and down head-bob nod that Ivy has mastered

#300 ~ no more pine needles to vacuum up!

#301 ~ baby’s first smile!!!!!!!!!

Happy Holidays Readers! Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and an upcoming favored-by-God New Year!


2 thoughts on “Blessings Amidst the Christmas Blues

  1. i smile at this. i know these days and all that you are grateful for. hang in there mama, you’re doing great!

    from another mama of a half dozen 🙂

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