Unschooling Fun

Weeks of December 12-24, 2010

I decided to include our unschooling activities separately. I kind of, for my own personal records, want to keep better track of our unschooling activities 1) to count towards school hours for the state and 2) to remind myself how much learning happens informally lest I start freaking out about school records come spring!

I would love to create a button for this for others to link to but am not that computer savvy yet and have too much on my plate right now. But I love the linking that is happening within the community (so many good blogs and info out there!) and eventually want to learn how to be a part of that. My own unschooling personal challenge!  I digress..


  • Read from The Periodic Table (science)
  • Built repeatedly using his new Lego Brickmasters set
  • Rereading SuperFudge and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and his Encyclopedia Brown books
  • Worked in Visual Thinking Puzzles book (math and logic)
  • Wanted to know what ‘in excelsias deo’ means ~ looked up at Wikipedia, read Latin prayer and history of song, found and listened to a gregorian chant of the Latin prayer (Latin, Bible, computer and researching skills)
  • Played Kinect Sports (physical ed – thank you, Uncle Snoopy, for the early Christmas present!)
  • Checked out from library Nature Crafts and read
  • Read new book given to us by a neighbor: Science Crafts for Kids
  • Did algebra problems with dad (math)
  • Learned about centrifugal force and what makes a toy top work (science, computer, research skills))
  • Read Open Wide: Tooth School Inside after a trip to the dentist (health and science ~ may have to buy this book! Is chock full of tons of information wrapped up in a cute story that the kids will spend hours looking at!)


  • Also read from The Periodic Table (science and reading/phonics since she spent most of the time sounding out the long, complicated elemental names and wanted no help from Gabe)
  • Read Why Does It Snow? (a Just Ask science book)
  • Read Killer Whales by Seymour Simon and regaled me with all kinds of trivia tidbits (science)
  • Read Wild Bears (also by Seymour Simon)
  • Played Kinect Sports (physical ed)
  • Also read Open Wide: Tooth School Inside and then drew a tooth diagram
  • Played school with her American Girl dolls and taught them phonics
  • Read extensively to Delilah and Ivy – too many books to list!
  • Christmas crafting (art)

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