Organizing Technology

I am contemplating the New Year and how to best go about what the Lord has asked of me…mainly to use what I have.

And what I have is a lot!

So many pdf files saved from wonderful homeschooling mothers who share their visions and hard work openly wanting to knit community. For these women I am thankful!

I took last year to organize the files by creating folders and subfolders within folders based on subject. This worked well for maintaining a database of information on my computer and made it relatively easy to keep up with as I added new things throughout the year. I kept up the orginization and am still going strong.

Only problem…I forget what I have at my disposal. And there is a lot of good at my disposal! Some I can use now. Some I will use later. My quandry is in the forgetting. I forget the treasure trove I have and therefore don’t utilize the printouts.

While reading this post over at Amongst Lovely Things I thought to myself, I need some sort of system like this. It looks beautiful and I am all about mixing beauty with function But after my post the other day about crashing computers and bookmarks I started thinking more expansive. What if I did a whole system like this, not just Christmas?  Would I print out a full binder of printouts (maybe one binder per subject) with a table of contents in the front? Or would I make one binder with a sort of master list of all that I have saved on the computer? Would I convert my ever-failing file crate system (sorry, Dawn, just can’t seem to make it work for me!) into folders with master printouts? Or would all the printouts be missing the whole point of having them neatly saved and organized on computer?

My very unorganized desk/filing system. Can you see the two file crates artfully hidden under the miscellaneous mail, bills, and school papers?

What do you think, dear readers? Any other homeschooling moms dealing with this issue? How do you keep track of all those freebie goodies in cyber world and translate that over to your homeschooling orginization/utilization? Maybe I need the forum for this one! “Sigh”

2 thoughts on “Organizing Technology

  1. I made my own files, catagorized by the names I can remember… I have one ‘School’, then under it I have one for each school subject, one just for “mommy helps”, one for high school & transcript ideas, one for Character, then under it I have a file for each character trait (I keep ideas & color pages & pictures I pick up online in it..) Then I have another file for ‘Homemaking’. That’s where I have files for organizing, schedules, recipes, sewing & craft ideas. When I get something new, a new audio or whatever, if I don’t have a file for that type, I make a new one. This way I can find my stuff pretty easy. I still forget what I have. I’m still working on filing all the audios for the children, some are history, some science, & some just fun stuff. Keep trying, it’s not necessarily a one time fix-all thing, it’s a process of finding what works for you. Good luck!

    • Thanks for your tips. I was thinking this direction but, as you said, don’t know if it will solve my problem or just add one more dimension that I will end up working on (putting time into) then forgetting about. I checked out your site. Good luck with starting out! I am still trying to learn the ropes after one year! Blessings to you.

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