Happy New Year!

I thought I’d sneak in here to wish everyone a great new year. I’m excited to see what this year brings for our family. I’ll be posting pics and blessings on gratitude Monday. For now I wanted to share our New Year’s Eve pics.

The kids thought it would be great fun to have a Justice League cartoon marathon (they got the whole DVD series for Christmas) with daddy. He thought it would be great fun to make party hats. So here they are, pre-movie, crafting with dad. Doesn’t Eli look like a gnome? Too cute.

Ivy fell asleep by 11 p.m. but all the other kids made it to just past midnight. I was surprised. I was so ready to crash. I thought they should have been too! Oh to be a child again of such immeasurable energy. We announced that the next day would be pajama day and that everyone could sleep in if they felt like it! *Crossing fingers*

I will be spending today organizing the learning room while everyone else continues the marathon. Maybe will have to take before/after pics to share later! Have a blessed day with your families everyone!

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