Simply Doing It

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Small steps towards simplicity…this is the challenge of the week from Elizabeth Foss. Small is the key word for me this week. Last week I mentioned how easy it is for me, the lover of plans, to get caught up in the planning and never in the doing. So this week I just spent the week doing.

This, for me, was no small feat. It required lots of praying and lots of nudging from the Holy Spirit. In the past I’ve always felt simplicity calling me to get rid of, strip bare as Elizabeth says. And that kind of simplicity definitely has its place especially if you are feeling suffocated by the clutter of your life, material and emotional. But this week was a new kind of simplistic discipline, if you will. Whenever I thought about doing something, if it was at all feasible in the moment, I just did it…right then. No planning. No procrastinating. No excusing.

This is how my week went…

  • I simply changed one small chore around. Instead of redoing the chore wall chart, instead of fretting about planning on how to go about the change, I just made it. Right then that very day.
  • I simply laid the baby down when he fell asleep from nursing. Then I went right to task doing one thing, anything that came to mind (usually dinner prep or a household chore), that I couldn’t do while nursing him.
  • If there was a task that came to my mind that only took one minute (like as in a literal timed minute, i.e. bagging up the trash or sweeping up a bit of crumbs or wiping down a counter) I just stopped right then and simply did it.
  • I simply expected the interruptions and disappointments to come my way. And when they inevitably did I remembered that I had the Holy Spirit living inside of me and, therefore, could choose to accept and walk through instead of react.
  • I simply read to the little ones without planning a reading list or making it match any sort of unit study. I just read when I thought about it or at lunch or in the morning or in the evening. Even if it was just one book. I simply read.
  • I simply did one computer task (answer an email or send an encouraging note, quickly organize a few homeschooling files, update the checkbook, etc.) before playing on the computer (see blogging!).
  • I simply kept my promises. If I promised to make hot tea when we got home and then was reminded later by little ones after I had already forgotten, I simply stopped what I was doing and went to keep that promise weather I felt like it or not.

…and my house was cleaner then it ever has been. Dinner arrived on the table every night on time without the melodrama of 5 p.m. meltdowns. Kids got one on one time. Buried school issues got dealt with. I did not linger too long on the computer. I felt peace, calm. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that really what it’s about?

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4 thoughts on “Simply Doing It

  1. Oh how I needed to hear your words “I just did it…right then. No planning. No procrastinating. No excusing.” I have lived most of my mothering life that way and am also trying to just do it! Whenever I do I feel such relief and a sense of accomplishment. Let’s keep on just doing!

    • Thank you for your kind words! You pegged it exactly….relief when you just do it. That is the peace I think I am feeling now instead of the anxiety I was feeling.

  2. Wow! I so could have written this!! SO many great points! The part about reading to your kids w/o a book list or unit study – YES! And what you said about keeping promises and expecting interruptions – Yes, yes! You have put to words so many things in this post that have been tumbling around in my mind for quite some time. I think there can be just so much “mental clutter”. The procrasinating about everything from sweeping up that crumb mess to starting dinner. And the Plans – the unit study you need to plan out before you can read that book. The new and improved chore chart you’re going to begin next week just as soon as you can get three free hours to type it put to perfection, and on and on. Thanks for this tonight dear sister!

    • You are so extremely welcome! I actually think most of us homeschooling moms tend to be this way. It is the bent in us that makes us want to homeschool in the first place…that getting to do with and for our kids. We just tend to let it consume us to the point where we stop doing and stop encouraging and instead get caught up in our own “great” plans! The Holy Spirit is humbling me with that this school year. My plans have been tossed out completely and I am trying very hard to lay it at His feet so that He can remold them for me!

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