Journaling…the easy way!

Just had to share this video with all today! I linked to it from Dawn’s site and just fell in love..again! Dawn really does journal this way and I tried it for a year. It was wonderful. The only reason I stopped was having more babies and running low on scrapbooking stuff. But now I am seriously considering taking it back up again!

This is especially a must to watch for those of you who think you must scrapbook in a particular way or that scrapbooking is too hard/time consuming/expensive or that journaling is diary writing glorified as an adult.

And now…I must hunt for that smash pen/glue stick!!!

Another great journal link: Ann’s journaling

4 thoughts on “Journaling…the easy way!

  1. Ok this is too cool. My oldest daughter and I actually like the same thing for once! We’re gona have to try. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. We just had a house guest that does this. He travels a lot and this is the way he shares things with his wife. He’s on his eleventh journal and our kids have made their way into three of his. I think they’re inspired as well.

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