Naming Love

I’m on chapter three of Ann’s new book and the thing that strikes me is the act of doing in naming. It is not that the doing is outrageous, extraordinary, magnificent. It is precisely that the doing is mundane. This naming of mundane is naming love…God’s love to us, our love to each other. Unconditional, sacrificial love…this thanksgiving that we do names that love and only then can we recieve. This is what resonated most with me in this chapter. In order to recieve the joy, the gift, we must first name it and take it out of mystery. Move it from insignificance to most significant.

Today I will name love.

Gifts #341 ~ 364

~ a word of encouragement when I am floundering

~ being little one’s security even when not convenient to the moment

~colored noodles pastel hidden in playroom

~ enjoying snow even without the camera

~ sunlight streaming across handwashed dishes

~ vinegar that softens and clarifies the toughest minerals

~ praying while working

~ This Is The Stuff and learning patience

~ remembering gentle tones one minute at a time

~ a husbands story and tithe blessings

~ fixing my favorite rocking chair

~ eating out and bearing fruit

~ life group communities

~ light play and sunbeams across dirt-stained floors

~  frolicking deer and honking geese

~ warming bare naked feet on deck wood in rare 60 degrees weather

~ making snow dragons

~ writing love lists

~ slipping warm socks on in the cool of the evening

~ seeing the firsts…hands reaching, muscle memory forming

~ upsizing clothing on soft, healthy baby fat skin

~ money blessings for a camera

~ the smell of spring through my windows

~ first juicy drips of outside grilled burger


4 thoughts on “Naming Love

  1. I am here today from Ann’s

    The naming thing has my heart too.

    Of your “gratefuls” my favorite one is ~ praying while working (I heart this – we can either sit and do – or sit and do – and talk with God – thisone is special)

    God Bless and Keep – and Happy Valentine’s Day

  2. I just love “remembering gentle tones one minute at a time”. That truly is a wonderful gift from God and I’m very well aware of divine intervention when I’m able to consistently respond this way.

    Loved your list.

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