Nikon D3100 Review and Picture Samples

As some of you may know, my trusty olympus point and shoot finally gave out. And I was having photo withdrawals as I waited patiently for tax refund money to come in to buy a new one. I’ve always dreamed of owning an SLR ever since I was a little girl. Well, my darling husband decided to use Valentine’s Day as a way to surprise me and took me out to buy the camera of my dreams. Since we still couldn’t afford the Nikon D90, I went with the next best thing…the Nikon D3100. A solid camera that will last me for years to come.

Last week we did very little schooling (mainly due to holidays, playdates with new people, an unexpected mold problem and house cleanup duty) so I had a little time to play. I watched some wonderful tutorials at Fro Knows Photos and will be back to watch some more. In the meantime, I’ve mostly been shooting in auto mode with the flash off to just get a feel for the camera.

Pretty basic to use so far. Only a little trouble with focusing (has 11 focus points that randomly redistribute where I thought I had focused…still need to figure out how to control those) but the picture quality and color clarity is out of this world and I have had lots of fun creating that bokeh I’ve always wanted to achieve (don’t I sound smart?). Here are a few of my samples from playing!

~ Portraits ~


~ New Life ~

~ Depth of Field Practice ~

F00d ~ Nature ~ Stills

~ Playing With Light Composition  ~


~ Night Lights ~

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