The Learning Room – Versatility

Versatility is my word of the week. That is how I’ve had to be with all my plans whether they be for school or our homelife or community. We’ve been out house hunting this week on a serendipitous spotting of an open acreage in our area. That has meant rearranging Adam’s days off, getting paperwork together through the bank, digging up files of information that we had set aside for a later date, and on-the-fly researching to pull it all together.  We needed to be versatile with our schooling to accomplish this and maintain any type of household sanity.

To top it off, we had a bout of sickness come our way that has necessitated everyone to have a versatile attitude. Chores got rearranged, sleep got interrupted or just didn’t happen, meals needed to be changed and made on the fly, unplanned trips to stores happened, and the laundry is overwhelming the whole house right now.

The constant of our week have been the new workboxes. And this week I discovered their versatility of use that made a week that, under my old ways, would’ve made us just miss this week of schooling. And I would have been, understandably so, telling myself that life happens and it was okay to miss a week of school. The workboxes allowed school to still flow this week. Granted, it was more haphazzard then I would have liked, less planned out then I would’ve liked, but it did still happen! I was able to take that five minutes before bed or 5 minutes after breakfast and put a few things in their folders to work on. I didn’t let my mind get carried away with what I would have liked to do but focused on tying things up.

With math we just went on to the next lesson. I put some basic copywork, cursive, and typing practice in to cover the basics of language arts. For history I allowed them the creative freedom to finish up their Little House on the Prairie lapbooks. We combined science and literature by reading The Burgess Animal Book for Children. We also watched the Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution video off Netflix.

The Burgess Animal Book for Children (Dover Science Books for Children) Fizz, Bubble & Flash!: Element Explorations & Atom Adventures for Hands-On Science Fun! (Williamson Kids Can! Series)

We also did a lot of unschooling this week. All of our new books for the year have been pouring in via FedEx and they have been snatched up before I can even flip through them. Our most popular of the week have been Fizz, Bubble, Flash: Element Explorations and Atom Adeventures and The Life of Fred: Fractions. Gabe started reading it yesterday afternoon. And he was reading it during our movie last nite (the action-packed 2012 – a great movie to watch right before all the news footage on the tsunamis!). He took it to bed with him and I found him still reading it at breakfast this morning. I would have to say that must be one great math book! If I had any doubts about using a living math program with him, they are all gone now! But I suppose the proof is in the pudding. We will see how he does with the actual working out of the problems. For now, I am just thrilled that he is reading it cover to cover like a novel. How many other kids in America are going around reading math books like a new book of Goosebumps just came out?

Our other big, and wonderful, surprise this week is the deer antler that was found by a NLOM staffer out here at the camp. He found it on his daily walk in the woods and graciously brought it to us to show the kids and then allowed them to keep it! I think it is the most coolest nature specimen we will ever collect! It made me excited for spring to get here so we can go out as a family and take our own walk through the woods. I have a feeling our nature study will gain a whole new depth this year.

The kids loved touching the antler and feeling the weight in their hands. They loved, as did I, feeling how rough the spot on the bottom felt where it used to attach despite it looking deceptively soft. I don’t think Luc was willing to part with it all night.

Gabe also took on a project. He decided to make a tracks bag. He used an extra sheet from our lapbook and cut it up. He then traced a bunch of tracks in our Animal Tracks and Signs book and then added them to his bag. I jokingly said he could make a Track and Field Guide. “Get it?” I said. He did get it and thought it quite novel that his mom could come up with a dad joke.

Lily’s unschooling is in the area of reading. Her reading is taking off in ways that I couldn’t even imagine. And the best part about her reading? Hearing her read aloud. She hates to read silently (which drives her brother crazy) but I think the reason for this is because she loves to act out the voices she is reading about. She puts such feeling into her dialogues. I think theater will definitely be an area we will pursue with her at some point.

And that’s a wrap!

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