Needing to Count

I need to count today. I come to this day depleted and tired, cranky with only words that tear down instead of lift up. My children feel it. I feel it. It is like a snowball rolling through my days picking up negativity along the way. Two weeks of sick kids. Kids who were healed getting reinfected and worse then before. The house falling farther and farther behind. More laundry then I’ve done in forever when I already do a lot of laundry. And me sick, down for the count, with them.

So I need to count to restore. To remind myself of His goodness. To remind me that we thank when He gives and we thank when He takes away. To remind my selfish spirit that it cannot stay.

#365 ~ new baby teeth at four months old

#366 ~ coos and smiles just for me

#367 ~ little ones who look to me for…well, everything

#368 ~ being sick on hubby’s day off

#369 ~ quality coffee that doesn’t upset the stomach

#370 ~ a husband who cooks good soul food so I don’t have to

#371 ~ two cars that work and allow our family freedom

#372 ~ this house that is blessing us and allowing us to save

#373 ~ all the learning tools I need for my children already under my roof

#374 ~ father son football

#375 ~ getting to go back outside after dinner

#376 ~ getting out the spring baskets

#377 ~ children playing with birds and chicks and bunnies

#378 ~ a renewed love of all things Peter Rabbit

#379 ~ the way a Beatrix Potter book fits so perfectly in little hands

#380 ~ kids seeing first prairie fire

#381 ~ leaf beautifully charred

#382 ~ taking walks by myself

#383 ~ the soft hairs on a single blade of grass

#384 ~ taking pictures of spring

#385 ~ trees framing moon

#386 ~ a husband who takes kids outside to play so mom can rest

#387 ~ good conversation with the one you love most

#388 ~ a quiet house for prayers to flow

#389 ~ documentaries

#390 ~ deer frolicking in the sunset

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