Book Finds

There is no greater joy on a Saturday afternoon then coming home from the library with a bag stuffed with new books…that is, unless you also hit the bi-annual library sale and happened to walk home with 15 new living books for $13.50!!!!! Especially when 13 of the books were hardback and library bound (i.e. see kids can’t chew corners), 5 of the books we’ve already checked out several times and loved, and one of the books was a Nature Journal that has been on our Amazon wish list for a year!

Here’s our loot ~

History Living Books

Science Living Books

Math Living Books

And, as if that wasn’t enough, our monthly homeschool group provided a great opportunity to swap out some of my old for something new. And someone else’s old Junie. B. Jones books and Magic Tree House books became my children’s cherished new treasures that are being toted everywhere and devoured at unimaginable rates! Upcycling. Just love it!

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