Music to a Homeschooling Mother’s Ears!

I’ve officially kicked the kids out to the curb this week! Weather has turned a corner and sunshine is pouring in. I’ve scooted all littles out the door for fresh sunshine and free play. Meanwhile hubby and I have been spring cleaning inside…especially the kitchen! Amazing how much more you can accomplish when there aren’t little feet right under you to undo it right away!

Daddy splurged on new bikes for the 3 and 5 year old and even one for himself. So now everyone is exercising and, really, who doesn’t want to ride on their new princess bike in their most beloved princess dress?

Just because we’ve been outside does not mean school isn’t getting done. Math still went on…all week…no matter what else was happening.

But the most taken-to task of the week ~ reading! Reading while eating, reading before bed, reading instead of chores, reading while outside, reading to siblings, reading in comfortable spaces, reading during all parts of the day. I realize that getting to the library more is starting to become an actual priority. Gabe went through 5 books in one day. Seriously??? He is so his dad! But even Lily is tearing through 2 chapter books a day. And we were worried about her late reading. Phish!

Favorite series of the moment ~

Music to a Homeschooling Mother’s ears ~

  • Mom, I know I read fast but sometimes I do like to read the book four or five times because then I understand it better.
  • Mom, why would God bless Jacob even though he lied and did wrong???
  • Mom, I’ll do my math in just a minute. Luc wants me to read to him.
  • Here mom, [handing me the literature book selection I picked to read last week] can we read more of this?
  • Mom, I read that whole book in a half hour!
  • Mom, look! I balanced it. Now both sides come out equal.
  • Mmmm…mom, these taste great! [after eating a molasses wheat peanut butter cookie]
  • Mom, did you know that we are mammals. What? Really, we are!!!
  • Mom, I did math your way and it was so easy!
  • Mom, having more than one wife equals chaos! [The word chaos being drawn out dramatically for emphasis!]
  • Mom, I want to catch worms. Can I have a jar, some of that hole stuff and a rubberband?
  • Mom, look at the perfect circle I made with all my homemade fans!

6 thoughts on “Music to a Homeschooling Mother’s Ears!

  1. Spring has sprung in Maine too! My kids have been spending more and more time outside…and I’ve had more and more wet laundry to wash and muddy floors to mop! LOL It’s worth seeing hearing their imaginative play!


  2. What a great post! Your children sound so fun — we also love to read here, and my little guy has been obsessed with Magic Tree House books lately, too. Spring is a great time to play outside and get things done inside!

    Thanks for sharing your week.

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