Perfect Timing

His timing is perfect. You’d think I’d know that by heart after all these years. But still I fret and worry and wonder in vain. Our life is clicking into a lifestyle we’ve been praying for and yearning for yet not believing would come to pass. Yes, there is also the diligence of our hard work and perseverance of staying the course but if not for His perfect timing of seemingly random events all our hard work would not have been enough! So after a day of celebrating the greatest miracle of the Ressurection and contemplating the severity of our penalty paid I feel blessings pouring out in abundance that I must write down before they slip away into the land of forgetfulness.

#391 ~ that I know that I know that His love is for me!

#392 ~ first time Easter egg hunts

#393 ~ fields of yellow spring dandelions

#394 ~ Easter that fits the whole family

#395 ~ marshmellows the size of my fist for roasting

#396 ~ burnt hotdogs over a campfire

#397 ~ camp smoke smell on next days clothes

#398 ~ dressed in Sunday best

#399 ~photo smiles that will tickle grandma’s soft heart

#400 ~ husband who speaks plainly in truth even when I don’t want to hear.

#401 ~ schedules that long to guide our days

#402 ~ a finished menu plan

#403 ~chocolate Easter mouths dripping

#404 ~ the van of all vans to fit our forever family

#405 ~ homemade rainbow popcorn that beats Vics hands down!

#406 ~ bravery reached for

#407 ~ awe at others striving

#408 ~ tenacity to try ourselves

#409 ~ new cousins playing

#410 ~ baby faces growing up

#411 ~ job security and long-term friendships

#412 ~ building community

#413 ~ creative work that feeds the soul

Joining Multitude Monday at A Holy Experience

2 thoughts on “Perfect Timing

  1. I too am struggling with trusting in God’s timing these days. There are times the enemy whispers to me that He doesn’t care, that He’s forgotten our need … and yet He asks me to believe in His heart, His will, His perfect timing. So glad this counting of gifts help us remember how faithful He is!

  2. What a beautiful list. I’m so thankful for husbands that can speak plainly and you know they love you and take seriously ’till death do us part’! and I’m so happy for your van of all vans. We’ve just started thinking about if/when we will need a new vehicle… Thankfully, we still have time.

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