Budding Fruit ~ an Easter morning conversation

A morning gift in the Easter basket ~ her first Bible that she can read herself.

The Holy Spirit working in her heart ~ 

Me: Lily, please come get your hair brushed before church.

Lily walks out of her room crying. I think, oh no what now?

Me: What’s wrong, honey?

Lily: I’m just so sad.

Me, feeling somewhat alarmed: Why?

Lily: I was reading the Easter story and I just got to the part where God had to turn away…from His own son, he had to turn away from His own son!!!

All week she walks around with this Bible in her hand. She reads it every spare second she can. She reads it to sleep at night. She reads it in her free time in the afternoon. And we talk and share and she asks questions and we talk some more. This morning she just finished the Old Testament. This from the seven-year old girl who thought she could never read. The Spirit is moving in her!

These things I treasure and ponder in my heart.

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3 thoughts on “Budding Fruit ~ an Easter morning conversation

  1. Dear Amy,

    This post flooded me with memories. I adopted a little girl and at age 6 she still could not read, recognize alphabet letters or say numbers in order. The school system put her in special ed. I knew she was bright, but something just did not “click” for her. To make a long story short, we came into an inheritance and spent the money on getting her tested. The psychologists figured out her issues, gave her medication she needed and in 6 weeks’ time she went from illiterate to reading Time magazine! She was so ecstatic that all she did was read for years! Your story brought back these memories of 20 years ago. I know the drive of such a child. May the Lord bless her and keep her,

    I came to your blog through Ann. I try to visit the person who posts before and after me each Monday and Wednesday. You posted before me today so I am here.

    I was blessed stopping by here,

    • Thank you for stopping by! What a great idea on visiting before and after. It is so hard to get to all the blogs and I hate neglecting when there is so much good out there but never enough time to read! I think I may have to borrow this wonderful tradition! And I love your story. What a praise that is!

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