A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie

A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie

No, we don’t have an Aunt Bessie. That is the title of a new book we are using…or rather an old book reprinted and revamped by Queen’s Homeschool Supply. One of those true living books about nature that I longed to read to my children but had no clue how to expand that over into an actual study of nature.

Sandi Queen must have had that same thought and she did something wonderful with it by putting together a Discovering Nature Series just for busy moms like me who are mulit-level teaching and just can’t squeeze one more thing into our already-busy planning sessions!  I just love grass roots efforts of other talented homeschool moms that really fill a need that is not there. That is just what this book does. It is a great mix of living book and Charlotte Mason teaching style!

Sandi cleverly breaks the lessons into chapters from the original book. You read a chapter to wet your appetite and then use the corresponding activities to further your study. It’s perfect. Some activities are coloring, some are researching, some are drawing, some are hands-on. There is enough activities after each lesson to pick one or two of your favorites or match according to level of grade but not so many so that you may just decide to do them all.

This book has been a favorite of the kids. We’ve been doing it for three weeks now and have learned all about spiders and swallows and sparrows. I will definately be ordering the next two books after we are through with this one. Here are some pics of the kids enjoying their new nature study.

Other spider books we read (from our own home library collection) ~

7 thoughts on “A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie

  1. Yes, when I saw the title of this post, I fully expected to see pics of your kids taking a walk with your great-aunt Bessie 🙂

    This looks like a great book. Sometimes moms-of-one could use some help with nature study ideas too.

    You take great shots of your kids at work and play. I enjoy your photography.

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  3. I stumbled across your blog in search of someone using and loving Aunt Bessie’s Nature Walk. We love Queen and your photos are a beautiful testament to this nature guide. I’m curious if you have included any living science books to this curriculum … Storybook of Science? Burgess? Among the … People? field guides? Etc. I just ordered Aunt Bessie for my three oldest children and I’d love to learn if you have found anything that goes along that cannot be missed as a fluid complement. Thank you! Beautiful blog. Erin Kate

  4. I heard about your blog, and came to check it out. Just wanted to say, your kids have done an awesome job on their “A Nature Walk With Aunt Bessie” books! Keep up the good work – we’ve expanded this series to keep you busy for many more years to come! God bless, Sandi Queen, Author of “A Nature Walk With Aunt Bessie” :o)

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