Free French and Spanish Lessons for Kids Online!!!

We have been having a bit of a spring break this week. Kids rooms got switched around. Gardening finally got started. New vans were registered. Errands were squeezed in between. There was little time left for any formal schooling so unschooling it was. More often then I can count the kids were immersed in some sort of self-learning…math, reading, writing, art. But the highlight of our week this week was finding these ultra fun free foreign language sites for kids. I noticed Lily browsing through our French Picture Dictionary and writing the french names of animals on a seperate piece of note paper.

I was secretly thrilled inside because I took French in highschool and fell in love with the romantic language.  Granted, I remember very little of it now but I was hoping maybe to relearn alongside a little one as they have an interest.  We mainly work with Spanish around here as that is what is most practical.

So I wondered as she was asking about the pronunciation of animals if there was a place online where kids could learn and play and hear the language. And…thanks to google…we found 2 very cool French sites and 3 very cool Spanish sites. Wanted to share them here today for any other homeschool moms who also are looking for language resources that don’t cost an arm and a leg!!!

Free French Lessons for Kids

  • Learn French Online ~ Great site for kids with drop down menus that allow the kids to easily navigate. Allows them lots of practice to hear the sound and then practice using the words in interactive games. I even love the alphabet page.
  • Cartoonita ~ Videos here geared towards early elementary students that teach basic language concepts. Will remind you of a PBS style French site.

Free Spanish Lessons for Kids

  • Learn Spanish Online ~ Same site as above but the Spanish version with all the same great perks.
  • Noah Comprende ~ A PBS kids site with short video cartoons and interactive games. About a little boy named Noah who visits relatives in Mexico and does not speak the native Spanish. He is constantly getting into a pickle based on his ignorance of the language. Does a GREAT job at engaging the kids. Even my three year old loved this site.
  • Spanish Town ~ More like an interactive kids Spanish Dictionary online.
So, what else have we been doing with our school week?

*You can find all these resources and more at the top under the Free Homeschool Resources tab!!!

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