Lazy Composting

After 5 years of gardening experimenting, I’ve learned a few gardening tricks that really work. Well, learned may be a bit of a stretch…more like learning the hard way by failing miserably!

My favorite gardening trick ~ lazy composting with egg shells and coffee grounds.

How it works ~

Plant three beautiful heirloom tomatoes in good soil with lots of compost.

Eat a really yummy breakfast of pancakes and eggs.

Drink your morning cup of coffee.

Rinse out your egg shells and mix it in with your leftover coffee grounds.

Sprinkle it around the base of your tomato plants.

Work it into the soil a bit with your fingers.

Voila…instant calcium and nitrogen fertilizer.

The result ~ Heirloom tomatoes you can actually eat that don’t have blossom-end rot.

One thought on “Lazy Composting

  1. I love this! My grandfather used to do this to with his tomatoes. I don’t know why we never thought of this! I am going to do this from now on to prevent “rot” on our tomatoes due to lack of calcium!! Thanks for the tip. Love your blog!

    < Blessings!

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