Wide Open Spaces

We had some escapees this past weekend. I walked out ready to scold children for not staying up on chores when they commented on watching the horses. I had no idea what they were talking about at first until Lily pointed out the window.

And there they were in all their splendid glory. I was mesmerized. Being allergic to horses (or the hay they are kept around), I do not get many up close encounters of the equestrian kind. I just had to go outside and snap some pics. The nursery rhyme of all the dappled horses kept running through my head as my fingers clicked striking images. They just lazily stared at me with a passive interest munching on our weeds. Tree branches cracking as they stripped branches of leaves. Sounds reminding me of the massiveness of their musculature. Very Jurassic Park. Very primal. Horses…literally in my own backyard.

I was so sad to see them scooted on back to their own pasture an hour or so later.

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