How To Dye Dark Hair Red

Adam ~ this is dedicated to you!

We’ve been doing a little playing around here. Red is the name of the game.

I’ve tried red before but because of the dark, dark color of my natural hair it turns out purplish dark red at best. I was resistant to dying it…don’t want to ruin my locks…they are one of my favorite features! But then I found this killer blog called Killer Strands. I soaked up the information from a person who is a professional and loves what they do…just read a few posts and you will see what I mean! It was a hair education for me…chemistry but fun!

Did you know that blonde hair has no pigment? So when you are “dying” your hair blonde you are really taking pigment out of it. It is a fascinating process.

But the best part about this site is that it is the only place in the USA that carries a gentle, top-quality, oil-based bleaching kit. I ordered that for step 1 ~ take the pigment out of my hair to be able to put a new color in.

Step 2 ~ dye it a red color that Adam can see (he is color blind).

That was accomplished by watching this lovely tutorial by Luna who, Adam and I both agree, has the most fabulous red hair color.

So I went to Amazon and quickly ordered Devilish and the REDKEN shampoo and conditioner to take care of it.

I admit, I was scared to go through with it today. What if I totally messed it all up and had to cut everything off? Luckily, thanks to quality products and a great tutorial, it went off smoothly.

And…if we are going for dramatic, how ’bout adding some bangs? Don’t think I’ve had bangs since the 90’s when it was cool to curl it under and tease it out.

Drumroll please….

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