Quintessential Summer

Summer essentials to do before we run to the safety of our air conditioners in the heat of July.

Blessing # 558 ~ 567

~ homemade ice cream

~ garden hose sprinkler

~ bare feet through grass

~ evening visits on the porch

~ cool summer beverages

~ shortcakes with berries and ice cream

~ ice play

~ scooter riding

~ learning new tricks

~ scraped knees and band aids

2 thoughts on “Quintessential Summer

  1. Looks like great summertime routines. This is our first summer of the school years, so we’re trying to figure out the routine and still enjoy it. IT’s been so busy, we haven’t actually had time to really DO much summery stuff yet…but the worst is over (I think).

  2. We do school all year round (allows for short school days and many breaks) and summertime is our busiest for school. But I made a great change this year and moved school to after lunch only. Now we have the morning time for chores, playdates, and library times and the evening for dad w/kids only doing school during the hottest part of the day while littles nap. Works well for us.

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