Entrepreneurial Lemonade

What is a 5 year old boy to do on a hot summer afternoon after returning from the park and discovering the cooler jug of lemonade sitting on the porch?

Why make a lemonade stand, of course!

But it’s tough to find customers when your house is in the country. After watching him chase down the lawnmower man trying to entice him to buy a drink, I decided to throw him a bone. I went in and found some dresser change.

“May I please have some lemonade?”

“Sure, mom…orange lemonade or banana lemonade?”

Apparently if lemonade is yellow it can be banana lemonade even if there is no banana in it!

“Banana please.”

Here is what 25 cents gets me…

Guess inflation is going up!

His sisters took my lead and each bought a glass too…some with quarters some with pennies.

This boy is quite entrepreneurial considering he won’t do chores for money. But he has been learning math and counting and he has been watching his older brother and sister with their pursuits of earning and spending money. I think he wants some of that!

His take home pay…

53 cents…or, as he argued with his sister, $39! Well, tomato, tomahto…I’m just pleased he’s taking initiative!

And, because I couldn’t resist, a little girl drinking lemonade appropriately attired in a citrus dress handmade by grandma, passed down twice! Nothing could be sweeter to pair with a little sour!

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6 thoughts on “Entrepreneurial Lemonade

  1. I sure can relate…we live down a gravel road out in the ‘country’. No traffic around here at all to sell lemonade lol. We’d be the customers as well. You’re a trooper to support his ambitions. I might have been tempted to tell him not to bother. Not really. But you know what I mean. Look forward to exploring your blog.

  2. How cute! We’re visiting family this week and the kids next door had a stand yesterday, selling lemonade and LOLLIPOPS! I bought my boys each a lemonade and pop and left a 50 cent tip! It’s important to supposed local “businesses”! LOL Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!

  3. That reminds me, my girls want to have a lemonade stand. Will have to get that started for this week! Glad your little one had such a great success, we too live on a dirt road and am going to make phone calls to help our business. Stopping by from the weekly wrap-up.

  4. So sweet. I love these kinds of play schemas that “just happen” because they give you a chance to practice and learn about money, making change, cause/ffect, good communication, and a whole other list of things that can happen in “the teachable moment”. We are a homeschooling family with 5 kids but we are hoping God will give us a #6 in the coming year. Stop by Brighton Park and say hello; I am stopping by from the HMJ.

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