More Camp Pictures

Here are my babies ready to take off for camp. I forgot to post them the other day. In fact, I forgot I even took them until sifting through my pictures.

Gabe and Lily both used allowance money to buy cameras at the Camp Store. Unfortunately, what you are seeing are not those pics because we still need to take them to the store for developing. Lily started crying when she realized that what she bought was not an actual camera but a one-time use disposable. I think I know what she may be getting for her birthday!

The kids wanted to go out and take some pics of where they stayed on the camp site. Since we so conveniently live on the property, this was pretty easy to do. But man was it hot out! We did this as quick as you can with six kids and then quickly rested in the cool air conditioning the rest of the day. Oh how I thank the Lord for that! Then I caught up on 4 loads of camp laundry. I thank the Lord for automatic washers and dryers as well!

We ran into Lily’s counselor, Kacea. So I was able to meet her and get a picture of her with Lily. I love moments that just work out that way.

~ The Camp ~

Low Ropes Course

Outside Worship Areas

~ Where the Kids Slept ~

Grand Camp at the Sjogren Center.

Trailhead - Locust Site

Trailhead - Honeysuckle Site

I head off for camp with Delilah Jane this afternoon. I’m excited to see what small adventures we will take the next two days. I am a bit nervous to leave Eli (who still nurses) with daddy, but we shall see how it goes. I will be back on Tuesday or Wednesday with the last batch of pictures!

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