Sometimes it’s in the little things…

Sometimes life is crazy. I can’t help but look around and feel overwhelmed…overstimulated…overworked. The list goes on. And sometimes I just need to focus. My life this week has been crazy. Good crazy…filled with wonderful people crazy.

When I know my littles need my attention on them and not on the million house tasks I see stacked up around me, I need a way to focus my priority. Some people take it to God in prayer. I admit, I do too…a lot. But sometimes I need something much more tangible…something I can wrap my senses around in order to calm me.

For me that is sense of smell. And I know it is still summer and muggy with temps above normal, but I need fall right now. I need warm apple spice and cinnamon permeating my house. With my comfortable 72 degree air conditioning, I can set aflame scents and close my eyes and pretend a cool fall breeze is caressing me through my pretend open window.

My second tangible is music. My music of choice is Pandora…a place where I get to pick my mood and then let someone else do the job of providing the sound. When I am frazzled and I need peace to wash over me I turn to soft jazz, and Christmas soft jazz at that. There is something cathartic about listening to saxaphones and musical offbeats that takes me back to pre-kid days of walking around Barnes and Nobles with a latte in my hand with a whole night to explore whatever I wanted.

This…oh this is a little slice of heaven. It may not be praise music but the Lord doesn’t mind. All music is His and He created it just for this…to delight our touch us in an inexpressible way like nothing else can. I am wallowing in that today and it feels just right.

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