Ode to 16 Years…

A Romantic Ode to the One I Love!!!


You went in to work at six in the morn

just as if this special day had never been born.

No love weekend get-aways to Maine or to Spain…

In fact, dishes are waiting me still in the drain.


It’s been sixteen years since you made me your bride

blushing and gushing with new found pride.

We set up our house and lived out our dream

never guessing the road would be filled to the brim.


You’re not home for an evening of dining in town.

I’m fixing up muffins and quiche for this crowd.

Nothing fancy or special to mark celebration

except leftover icing from breakfast’s sensation.


Pat set us up with a bottle of wine

and some flowers and chocolate on which we can dine.

She’s so sweet with her guilt for you having to work

from the sun’s early rise to your ride home in the dark.


Not very romantic or extremely grand

just holding down the fort with our literal clan.

But this is the secret I’ve learned all these years

of building a life following Jesus who steers…


It is not about lovey dovey instant gratification

but true acts of service that build up our nation.

A family unit that’s solid and built upon rock

serving each need of the person they’ve already got.


Your service of work today peirces my heart

as a true act of love that sets us apart

from the norms of the hustle and bustle filled strife

to something much deeper that cuts like a knife.


300 people tasted and saw it was good

this work that you do as a man always should.

And man that you are, you ignite inside me

a flame that’s not quenched very easily.

I love you! Thank you for 16 wonderful years!

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