Small Town Hospitality in Swedeburg, Nebraska

This past Sunday I got a true taste of small town life in the country! What to do when someone invites you to a church picnic of a church you’ve never attended? Go, partake, and enjoy small town hospitality! It was a beautiful day. The smell of pulled pork tantalized the senses. And the music took me back to younger days gone by.

Blessing #602 ~ small town hospitality

Thank you Pastor Steve and  Swedeburg Covenant Church for allowing us to worship and celebrate 135 years with you!

8 thoughts on “Small Town Hospitality in Swedeburg, Nebraska

  1. Oh how I loved reading this particular blog. I have such deep, warm, and rich memories of being in that very church when I was a young girl. My family history is there. It is where I learned how to behave in church. Where I first heard hymns that are so familiar now. I can still hear my great Aunt Tory sing those hymns in her off key voice. Where I saw my grandfather for the last time and where I can still smell the aroma of coffee and cookies as the church ladies cared for our mourning family. So many more memories I have of this very special place. Thank you for enjoying and embracing a place that is dear to so many hearts.

    Carla Snoke

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