The First Snow

I love it when the first snow is big, soft downy flakes that fall like soft pillows on the grass and are perfect for catching on your tongue! This was Eli’s first time in the snow since he was born. Oh they are so cute! Our trip into town has obviously been cancelled. Instead we will be enjoying hot cocoa and maybe a movie…Harriet the Spy anyone? Good thing I had a thawed chicken that I could throw in the crockpot last minute to braise since our dinner plans were also cancelled!


2 thoughts on “The First Snow

  1. so all my kids at work brought pretty light coats and we were not able to enjoy the snow out side, but i lined them all up at the window to watch it snow, they actually watched for a good 20 minutes. they didn’t know what it was but just couldn’t stop watching…how did Eli like the snow for the first time??

  2. He loved it…I put boots on him so he wouldn’t get his footie pajamas wet but they were so clunky that he ended up crawling in it anyway! My kids only played in it about 15 minutes or so. I took Eli in after I was done taking pics and put on some cocoa then called them in when cocoa was made. Good thing too since Ivy ended up taking her boots off and was walking with no boots!!!

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