The Perfect Gift ~ An ER Visit

Because my husband is the best he surprised me with a little gift…even though we weren’t to get each other anything. This year it was quiet, understated and just right! A few good things to curl up with…

Did I mention that the real gift this  year is this ~

Because who can beat a Victorian claw foot tub and a porch swing?

Well, maybe this can.

It is 12:57 am and my husband is at the emergency room with a little boy of ours. Pneuminia? Croop? Whooping Cough? Fluid in the lungs? Can’t tell but it’s getting worse by the hour. So a Christmas Eve vist to the ER it is. Did I mention how incredible my husband is?

The true gift of Christmas ~ 

One self-sacrificing daddy who loves to an unimaginable depth.

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift ~ An ER Visit

  1. I will be praying. We wen’t through the Whooping Cough when #5 was 5 months old, all 5 children and myself! It was awful. I truely hope that’s not what it is, but if it is the cure is more simple than asthma or croop. They can be so scarry. Hope he’s home soon and breathing comfortably!

  2. Thank you all for your prayers! They thought strep but he tested negative. No fluid in lungs, thank goodness! He is now on antibiotics and I am praying desperately that the others do not get it! Although littlest one might be heading into the same territory. We shall see…

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