~ Girling It Up ~

I meant to post these pictures as my first post of the new year. We had a great New Year’s Eve spent together as a family. There was much singing, laughing, dancing, and playing. But the funnest part was girling it up with my princesses. I am always amazed at how different they are from me! They may have received my genes looks-wise but I’m pretty sure they got Aunt Mandi and Sarah’s genes all-things-princess-wise!

Delilah put on her best party dress, found a feather to tuck into her hair and wanted some pizzazz on her face. Lily offered for us to use her new Monster High makeup kit. Daddy did our hair.  And, of course, they made mommy join in the makeup fun too.

My new year’s resolution?

To be more girly with my girls. 

I think it’s going to be a good year!


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